Reinventing Agriculture with AI

Folia uses artificial intelligence with remote sensing technology to save your crops and preserve your health. Tested and trained on real farmland, the AI can detect diseases prematurely and notify farmers ahead of time!


How It Works


Augmented Disease Detection

The device can detect up to 3 major foliar diseases: Common Rust, Gray Leaf Spot, and Northern Leaf Blight.

Low-Cost, Novel Implementation

The device is encased in a Polylactic Acid chassis that’s resistant to temperatures of up to 160 Celsius, thus granting the device longevity at a lower cost than materials of similar composition.

Minimizes Health Risk

It reduces the need for in-person crop monitoring, thus minimizing the chances of suffering heat-related ailments due to long-term exposure.

Convenient for Users

It delivers real-time information right to your phone.

Advanced Technological Approach

Computer vision is used in conjunction with remote sensing techniques to detect disease signs with over 90% accuracy.

Reach of up to 10 ft.

The device is able to monitor plants within a 10ft radius.


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